Oddinary Highway is a retrofuturistic extra-oddinary shmup

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Once upon a time
In far-far galaxy...

You're Bill - a student in an intergalactic university. And you've just found out that your father had lost his kingdom to the robo-mafia at poker.

Yep, he is the king of the whole Universe!

Save your dad
Free the kingdom
Don’t die too often!

You jump into the sentient hover car Caddy Luck and set out an a dangerous journey through the hyperspace known as the “Oddinary Highway”.

Hyperspace is full of the Weirdonium matter, which leaks to the reality through the breaches left by the hyperspace travellers.

Random weird stuff
Happens all the time
Due to weirdonium leaks

Every level comes with a new random weirdonium leak which affects the gameplay in a major way.

Such weirdonium leaks occurs every new level, so you have to keep an eye on it!

Caddy Luck has plenty of guns and items to help bill in fight with various crazy abitants of the worlds.

Main features


  • Weirdonuim leaks - gameplay modifiers that randomly change from level to level
  • Variety of weapons from basic machine guns to exotic black-hole guns
  • Secondary items that switch up after each use
  • Worlds with unique visual styles, enemies and mechanics
  • Tons of upgrades for everything
  • Twitch integration for streamers – viewers can vote on the next weirdonium leak
  • Local co-op for 2 players with unique Weirdonium leaks
  • Daily and Weekly runs with leaderboards for highscores competition

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Dash & Dot game studio




Art and animation



Game design



Code and everything else